Statement about recent work:
I’ve strayed from creating work that can easily fit together in one schematic category. There are threads that run through my work, such as a fixation with the existence of the past in the present: old houses, old trees, clouds and other autonomous beings who are always morphing except for in an image, a thrift store aesthetic, archetypes that update their hair and trade roles and costumes, fabric that is faded and worn and torn, and patterns which repeat themselves but with different motifs. 

The following statement was written in 2012 about my work at that time and the preceding decade. 
I extract images from visual sources such as Disney, Playboy, Victoria's Secret and dissect, mutate, merge, alter, augment, deface, empower and displace them into a ridiculous, chaotic, dysfunctional, tangled coexistence. My work teeters on the edge of disturbing and whimsical, repulsive and desirable. I populate my drawings and paintings with mutants and deviants, arming many with pistols, knives and sharp abdominal teeth. Enormous pies, stuffed with animals, women and children, are served on the backs of Playboy models. Bodies devour, trap and give birth to various creatures. Castles, Victorian houses and colonial gravestones set scenes for twentieth and twenty-first century pin-up models and cartoon characters. I seek to reflect the reality, tension, conflict, violence, and complexity bleached and blotted out by over-simplified, polished, artificial, commercial facades dictating cultural ideals and archetypes of femininity. I merge the estranged fantasy realms of sexy pin-ups of women and children's cartoons because they are remarkably similar and interchangeable in their seductive simplicity, constant visibility and repetition. They both dutifully serve their function to distract, seduce, pacify, and brainwash the viewer to obediently follow prescribed roles and purchase required supplies. Anthropomorphized Disney animals parallel images of women presented as purely physical creatures whose human capacities are simply vacant or replaced with the identity of an infant or juvenile animal, i.e. bunny, kitten.   
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